Undergraduate programs

Welcome to undergraduate study at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work!

For any enquiries not answered on these pages, students are encouraged to come in person to the Professional Engagement and Program Support Team office, Room 307, Education Building A35, between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Thursday, and from 10am to 1pm each Friday.

Alternatively, the phone number for undergraduate enquiries is 9351 2634 . Student matters may also be dealt with by the relevant program director.

Across-discipline general electives

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work has developed a series of practical electives designed specifically to meet the demands of modern students from all faculties and professions. The electives are based on the key common principles of relevancy, a robust academic platform, engaging delivery, and expert and experienced teachers. More information is available by clicking on the heading above or using the menu on the left of this page.

Across-discipline Study Abroad and Exchange electives

Over the past decade, the school has listened to the needs of incoming Study Abroad and Exchange students. The result is range of units of study, each of which is specifically designed for international students from across the academic spectrum, rather than exclusively from the disciplines of education and social work. All revolve around a robust academic platform and are supported by real-life experiences. A genuine experience of Australian culture is central to every Study Abroad unit offered by the school. What this means for Study Abroad and Exchange students is that they can now live in, and learn about, Australia, and receive academic credit for it. More information is available by clicking on the heading above or using the menu on the left of this page.

Undergraduate degrees

Select your study program from those listed below to view course notices, course structure and staff contacts. Before the commencement of lectures for the year, programs hold compulsory orientation meetings. Students should visit the relevant enrolment page of their program.

Integrated work-experience course content

For information about those units of study that are delivered as work placements, students in BEd programs should access the Professional Experiences – Teacher Education pages; the corresponding information for BSW students can be found on the Social Work Field Education pages.