Social Work honours

Bachelor of Social Work Year 3 students

Applications for honours by students enrolled in Year 3 of the Bachelor of Social Work program are called for in Week 10, Semester One. Acceptance depends on a calculated WAM of at least 70+ and the availability of a suitable supervisor.

Application forms are now available to students during Semester One and must be submitted to BSW Honours Director Dr Emma Tseris before close of business on the last Friday in May each year.

Students selected for Social Work research honours must enrol in Social Work Preliminary Honours SCWK3009 and Field Education 1 Honours (SCWK3010) in Semester Two and Social Work Research Dissertation (SCWK4008) and Field Education 2B Honours (SCWK4007) in Semester Two, replacing Field Education 1 (SCWK3005) and 2B (SCWK4006) respectively. These requirements are set out in the table below.

Details of possible honours projects will be made available to students by Week 3, Semester Two. General enquiries about the honours program should be addressed to Dr Emma Tseris.

Honours timeline

Year 3, Semester One

Year 3, Semester Two

Year 4, Semester One

Year 4, Semester Two

Week 10
Applications called for

Week 13
Deadline for applications

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Enrol and complete standard program units

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