Harassment and Discrimination Support Officers

Read the Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy and Resolution Procedure to find out about the University's process for handling complaints of unlawful harassment or discrimination.

If you wish to discuss your particular circumstances you may contact any of the University's harassment and discrimination support officers. Select someone from the list below (who is not in your faculty/unit).

How might a harrassment and discrimination support officer help me?

Harassment and discrimination support officers are staff members who have received training to help people reach a stage where they can attempt to deal with their concern, problem or complaint - either by tackling it themselves or by making use of the University's procedures and policies. Officers may support individuals towards the resolution of their concerns.

Name Location

Krishna Shrestha

Faculty of Architecture - Wilkinson (G04)

Murray Thomson

School of Biological Sciences - Heydon-Laurence Bldg. (A08)

May Lee1

Discipline of Surgery - Blackburn (D06)
Xin-Ming Chen3

Northern Clinical School, Royal North Shore Hospital - Kolling Building

Leyla Rasouli Narimani

School of Letters, Art and Media - John Woolley Building (A20)

Tailoi Chan-Ling2 School of Medical Sciences - Anderson Stuart (F13)
Peter Knight School of Medical Sciences - Cumberland Campus (C42)
Alfee Liau School of Medical Sciences- Blackburn (D06)

Kristian Adamson

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences -  Quadrangle (A14)

 Ahiegwu (Heggy) Odeh

Syndey Conservatorium of Music (C41)

Susie Walsh

Sydney Conservatorium of Music  (C41)

Belinda Shephard

Sydney Medical School - The Children's Hospital at Westmead (C29)

Vera Terry

Sydney Medical School - Edward Ford Building (A27)

Claire Bridgman

Sydney Medical School, Royal North Shore Hospital - Kolling Building

Toula Lambros SydneyRecruitment - 1-3 Ross Street (K06)
Emma Treacy Matunga  SydneyRecruitment - 1-3 Ross Street (K06)
Rachel Moerman Sydney Student Program - Jane Foss Russell Building (G02)
Renee Kramer University of Sydney Business School Research Unit - Storie Dixson Wing Building (H10)

1Malay & Cantonese spoken, 2Cantonese spoken, 3 Mandarin spoken.