eLearning Working Group

The eLearning working group is a sub committee of the Learning Space Committee. The group meets to discuss matters of learning and teaching across the University.

Frequency of meeting


  • Associate Professor Rob Ellis Sydney eLearning (chair)
  • Dr Tom Bishop Agriculture
  • Mr Martin Tomitsch Architecture, Design and Planning
  • Dr Frances Di Lauro Arts
  • Ms Michele Scoufis Business
  • Ms Anna Garratt Dentistry
  • Dr Jen Scott Curwood Education and Social Work
  • Dr Craig Jin Engineering
  • Dr Mary Lam Health Sciences
  • Ms Louisa Johnson Law
  • Ms Karen Scott Medicine
  • Dr John Grootjans Nursing
  • Dr Nial Wheate Pharmacy
  • Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman Science
  • David Haines Sydney College of Arts
  • Dr Jennifer Rowley Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Ms Sally Pope Veterinary Science
  • Associate Professor Marie-Thérèse Barbaux Academic Director for
    Humanities and Social Sciences, Architecture and the Creative Arts
  • Dr Jo Lander Academic Director for Health
  • Dr Damien Field Academic Director for Science
  • Susan Atkinson Sydney eLearning
  • Marianna Koulias Sydney eLearning
  • Mary-Helen Ward Sydney eLearning
  • Melanie Young Sydney eLearning
  • Ricky Connor Sydney eLearning
  • Kathleen Donohoe Sydney eLearning
  • Colin Lowe Sydney eLearning
  • Geoff Gordon ICT
  • Bronwyn James Learning Centre
  • Gaith Bader Library