Learning space for engaged enquiry

Learning and teaching space at the University of Sydney can be conceived of formal, informal and virtual networks, supporting and promoting engaged enquiry and discovery-based learning in a research enriched environment. The learning space throughout the University supports students and staff, offering the opportunity for collaboration and to engage with communities and to pursue key ideas of their studies anytime, anywhere.

Management of learning space incorporates strategic planning for the formal, informal and virtual learning and teaching space and sustained master planning to provide learning space that incorporate student's learning preferences, curriculum development and delivery. Learning space management is a part of Sydney eLearning, working closely with CIS, ICT and the University Library to ensure holistic planning for effective and efficient provision and use of learning and teaching space throughout the university.

Figure showing relationship between learning outcomes and learning space

Figure 1 - Students traverse formal, informal and virtual networks of learning and teaching space to achieve learning outcomes and greater understanding.