Faculty requests to hand over teaching space

Faculty Requests for handing over Learning and Teaching Space from Faculty management to University-wide use and management.

When faculties are handing over learning and teaching space from being under faculty management to University-wide use and management, the following steps are involved;

  • The Faculty should be able to confirm that it is the owner of the space.
  • Requests for the handover of teaching and learning space must be initiated by the Faculty Manager with the Dean’s approval as a space data request through the Campus Assist website.
  • Requests will be reviewed by the Space Manager, Learning Space Manager in relation to current use, proposed use, fabric and technology condition and opportunity and future opportunities and use for the space.
  • A site inspection involving the Faculty Manager, University Space Manager, the University Learning Space Manager and the relevant ICT Relationship Manager will then take place to view the spaces, collect all relevant information and discuss expectations for the space and current processes in relation to GTS space.
  • If the space is approved for handover, notification of approval and acceptance will take place on an assigned date.
  • Unikey login is required to instigate a request for the handover of learning and teaching space to GTS.