The University's vision of learning space for the 21st century is of a student-centred, quality assured, seamless environment encompassing physical and virtual networks that promote engaged enquiry. To achieve this, the Office of the DVC(Education) is leading a project on learning space standards. Standards for learning and teaching space (both physical and virtual) are shaped by iterative evaluation from student, staff and faculty feedback. They are conceived of in relation to expectations of the educational function provided by the spaces and are shaped by the needs of our students and teachers, international best practice and our University Learning Space Strategy.

The University Learning Space Strategy is informed by annual feedback from faculties through both student and staff surveys and the Learning Space Program, our experiences in transformational building projects in the Campus Improvement Plan, and ICT technology roadmap activities. These contribute to a student-centred and locally-informed view on learning and teaching space at the University.

The standards for learning and teaching space aim to provide equitable, sustainable practice and innovation in pedagogy across all our faculties. They are developed in partnership with students and staff, and also with CIS and ICT. They are available through the links below and are live descriptions, subject to ongoing change from the feedback detailed above. In new builds, they provide a point of departure rather than a prescriptive solution to enable the needs of different disciplines to be met.

Information on Physical Learning Space standards is available. You will need a unikey login to access these pages.
Information on Virtual Learning Space Standards is available here.