Overview – learning space metrics

In March 2012, SEG, SEG (Finance and Infrastructure) requested that the Education Portfolio engaged in a project to describe all University Learning and Teaching Space on the University timetable system. A key outcome from that report is the decision to collect and disseminate learning space metrics across the University. Sydney eLearning is responsible for that process for the University on behalf of the Education Portfolio.

The metrics collection is in two main areas, physical and virtual learning space. Metrics for physical space will encompass all shared and faculty-managed spaces and metrics for virtual space includes all available measures across the University eLearning systems.

Sydney eLearning works with the University Planning Office, faculty representatives, University ICT, University Library, CIS and the University timetable office in the definition, collection and dissemination of learning space metrics.

For further information about these processes, please contact

SciTech Library

SciTech Library