Planning Office Data – eLearning Coverage Metrics

The eLearning coverage metrics service is a collaborative project with the University Planning and Information Office. Each year, after the March census date for the previous year's enrolments, Sydney eLearning provides eLearning coverage metrics to each faculty through the appropriate eLearning faculty representative.

The eLearning coverage metrics enable the following planning and management questions to be addressed:

  1. What proportion of the student experience in any degree at the University is supported by unit of study websites?
    E.g: How many units in the degree have a website.
  2. What proportion of units of study in the faculty depend on unit of study websites for:
    • Curriculum information (Mode A1)
    • Active participation but not assessed (Mode A2)
    • Assessment-related activities (Mode B1)
    • Replacing some part of face-to-face contact (Mode B2)
    • Assessment-related and replacing some face-to-face contact (Mode B3)
    • All [or almost all] of the unit can be completed off campus (Mode C1)
    • How much of the faculty curriculum is dependent on eLearning systems?
    • What units of study in the faculty are innovating with eLearning?