Extension workshops

These workshops build on the Focus workshops and it is recommended that staff complete at least one Focus workshop before enrolling in an Extension workshop. These workshops further develop the opportunities afforded by integrating the physical and virtual learning environments at the University of Sydney. There is a strong focus in each workshop on pedagogy and the student experience.

Assessment rubrics for marking criteria

To improve the clarity of your unit goals and standards, and to save you time and help your students, this workshop will help you design an online ‘rubric’ or marking criteria.

In this workshop, participants will design online rubrics based on marking criteria with a focus on providing constructive feedback to students.This workshop will help you to create and edit a rubric, and send constructive feedback to your students.

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Introduction to Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web-conferencing technology available for use within the University's Learning Management System. Develop your skills in managing Collaborate web-conferencing sessions and using available pedagogical tools to enable engagement and collaboration between participants who are not physically co-located.

This workshop explores how to effectively manage a Collaborate web-conferencing session, utilise the session communication tools, display PowerPoint content and record sessions for later playback.

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Introduction to Kaltura

This workshop will focus on key strategies for effective development and use of streamed videos in the University learning management system.

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