Learning Management Workshops

Fundamentals Workshop - Getting Started with the University LMS

A two hour introduction to the University Learning Management System (LMS) and the use of Turnitin for assignment submission.

Note: This workshop is designed for academic and professional staff who have had no previous experience with the University LMS.

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Focus Workshops

Two hour workshops that cover the LMS tools in detail. These workshops cover the assessment, grading, communication and collaborative functionality of the LMS. Integration of teaching with other elearning systems is also covered.

Focus on Communications
This workshop focuses on utilising the communication tools in the University LMS to enhance the student experience. The range of communication tools available in the LMS covers Announcements, Blogs, Discussion boards, Journals, Wikis and email.
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Focus on Grade Centre
This workshop will introduce staff to the Grade Centre, working with smart views, downloads, marking and My Grades.
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Focus on Groups
This workshop explores effective strategies for using the university Learning Management System (LMS) to encourage group work in integrated physical and virtual learning environments.
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Focus on Tests and Surveys
These workshops will introduce staff to Tests and Surveys in the University Learning Management System (LMS).
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Extension workshops

These workshops investigate how the university elearning systems allow for advanced levels of communication, collaboration, assessment, presentation and administration across the university's virtual and physical learning spaces. The focus is on best practice in teaching in an integrated environment. Topics covered are: the LMS, ePortfolios, text-matching, eCommunities, video capture and web-conferencing.

Assessment Rubrics for Marking Criteria

In this workshop, participants will design online rubrics based on marking criteria with a focus on providing constructive feedback to students.
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Assessment Rubrics for Marking Criteria

Introduction to Collaborate

This workshop explores how to effectively manage a Collaborate web-conferencing session, utilise the session communication tools, display PowerPoint content and record sessions for later playback.
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Introduction to Kaltura

This workshop will focus on key strategies for effective development and use of streamed videos in the University learning management system.
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After registration you will be allocated a LMS website for experimentation. You will be notified via email prior to the workshop. It is strongly recommended that staff have attended a Focus workshop before registering for an Extension workshop.