2009 Projects

Humanities and Social Sciences/Economics and Business

Projects again focused heavily on assisting with program coherence. A broad spectrum of faculties was involved in eLearning projects and the quality improvement cycle became even more prominent as outcomes from previous project periods were enhanced or improved as a result of student feedback.

Sydney College of the Arts

SCA online student feedback and learningdDevelopment record

This project reviewed the current online mechanism for the week 7 student review and feedback meetings at the Sydney College of the Arts. The aim was to find a more suitable technology to present the outcomes of the meeting, allow easier access to the records and improve engagement in the process. Feedback templates were created in the PebblePad eportfolio software which allowed students to self-review prior to the meeting and contribute to the action plan. A workshop on giving feedback was co-developed with the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching at SCA and the ITL and presented to staff members in February 2010 prior to a limited pilot in semester 1, 2010.

Master of film and digital image program site

A site was developed in the University LMS that forms a central repository for information, materials and communication for students in the Master of Film & Digital Image degree program at the Sydney College of the Arts. The students are most commonly on campus in the evenings and weekends so it is hoped that the use of the website will increase the Institutional presence and the student experience.

Master of interactive and digital media

A program site was developed to provide a centralised hub of information and an online community.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Chamber music program site 1

A website was developed for the Chamber Music program which involves large numbers of students as well as staff from all of the performance units at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. It provides a central repository for information connected with both undergraduate and postgraduate study and also assists communication between and amongst the various student ensembles, tutors and coordinators as they develop groups and choose repertoire. The online grade book was structured to allow the 40+ tutors to enter student grades and streamline administration of the program.

Music education 3

A pre-placement activity sequence was created for MUED3062 – Teaching Music in Junior Secondary School, which complements the in-placement activity on behaviour management created in 2008. Students were guided to research their school and collect useful information on its culture, resources and administration, using it to refine their teaching plans and behaviour management strategies. New discussion activities were also developed and online material was restructured for the new curriculum.

Faculty of Arts

CHNS1101 & CHNS1102 (Chinese 1A & Chinese 1B) sites

Weekly learning sequences were created for the pre-existing online units of study for first-year Chinese language. Each sequence outlines the work students need to do to prepare for each of their tutorials and lectures, with summaries of the key learning for each week and links to extra revision activities. Use of the sequences models good language study skills to first year students who are often new to learning a language. Formative and summative tests were also created using audio clips to provide language drills and allow students to test their skills.

eSearch to research: Library skills 2

The website was enhanced with two new modules, more annotation of content, tips for postgraduates and revised screenshots demonstrating database searches. The design of the site was also updated.  It is available at sydney.edu.au/library/skills/tutorials/esearch/

Contemporary rhetoricians – WRIT1000 3

The online unit for academic writing (formerly ENGL1000) was enhanced with a quiz and graded online discussions, extending the work done in 2007 and 2008.

RLST6951 Spirituality, consumerism and health

A blended online unit of study was developed for this postgraduate unit in Religious Studies, based on the site 'Healing in Buddhism', which was developed as part of a strategic eLearning project in 2008.

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Training modules for teachers 1

The online unit EDPD6016 – Students with High Support Needs is the first of four planned modules on teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It contains scenario-based teaching and was constructed to make it adaptable to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Faculty of Economics and Business

Entrepreneurship and innovation 2

Building on the 2008 project and responding to feedback from students and staff, the legacy wiki materials and the assessment activity were migrated to a more functional Media Wiki and restructured to be more usable and engaging for students. Additional materials were also developed for the wiki in the form of a 'toolkit' of questions that assist students to analyse business cases.

Health Sciences

Online support for teaching and learning scientific research methods for health sciences undergraduates (HSBH1007, HSBH3006 and BACH2140) - PHASE 1

This project enhanced the existing eLearning sites by improving the educational design of the sites and developing additional online resources such as: a glossary of research methods terms; a question database for formative weekly tests; and, a grading form for consistency in marking students assignments.

Building eLearning contexts in health

This project achieved its outcome of transforming an existing unit of study to give educators the opportunity to learn and utilise the principles of good eLearning design to develop eLearning in their health science teaching contexts.

Pilot iPod Touch case studies project

Development of a pilot case study I’m not sick for the iPod Touch. The case study was targeted at mobile devices and included CRS tutorial questions, learning topic materials and references and instructions guiding students on how to transfer content from desktop to iPod Touch or any mobile using a web browser with HTML5 support.

Identifying and implementing an ICT application for collaborative, comparative and constructive online learning

The project outcome is the web-based Comment system which allows different interpretations or responses to the same data or theory to be easily compared. For example: a single page of transcribed interview data can be analysed and marked up by four individual students independently. After all four students have submitted their analysis, the application allows students to simultaneously view their workings online and critically compare their responses, with scaffolding by the teacher, in a collaborative wiki-like online environment. Additional functionality is built into the system for users to upload a mind map. An extensive user guide has also been developed.

Blended module template for NURS502/5023/5024 & NURS5026 - PHASE 1

This project developed an elearning template for NURS5056, NURS5057, NURS5058 & NURS5072 with customised icons and banners and a weekly modular structure that the AiC can progressively add content to.

Extending the functionality of the 2007 online case based learning template and building another case

This project was completed satisfactorily with the existing Flash template being transferred to a more robust and sustainable HTML template. The AiC was provided with detailed instructions as to how to recreate cases in the template and how to export from one WebCT website to another.

Faculty of Pharmacy eLearning website template review

In the first project period of 2009 (March – June), an extensive needs analysis was conducted with Faculty of Pharmacy academic and general staff and students into the deficiencies of the current template. The data obtained from this needs analysis was used to inform the redesign of the new HTML template and CSS. In the second project period (August – December) we investigated the use of PHP to populate an HTML page from the Faculty of Pharmacy unit outline word template. Whilst this process functioned well, it did not easily accommodate the small variations in the pharmacy unit outlines so it was not developed further. The new Pharmacy template is being trailed in Semester 1 2010.

Mobilising multimedia resources to support clinical learning in Nursing

The Nurse Catalogue and Submission Form is a web-based catalogue system, containing information on the video resources available to academics via the Lectopia unit: Nursing_Multimedia. The form is divided into two sections, the catalogue and the academic material submission form. The catalogue contains a number of fields that facilitate both accurate record keeping of video resources and easy searching of available resources. The academic material submission form, makes academics responsible for ensuring that any video they wish to upload to Lectopia meets the owners’ copyright and usage requirements.

Welcome to the Sydney Dental Hospital, Department of Paediatric Dentistry

This project created an eLearning website to orientate students to the Paediatric clinic at Sydney Dental Hospital. Students are required to go to the eLearning website to prepare themselves prior to their rotation in the Paediatric clinic. As well as the textual information provided, a short video was produced in conjunction with AV services, giving students a walk through of the main areas of the Paediatric clinic.

Indigenous health case-study resource website for multi-professional use

This project developed a Indigenous Health Case-based Learning resource website for the Faculty of Health Sciences’. This website included sample cases and a prototype for how the case could be presented using tools available in the University LMS.

Inter- and intra-block study support for Indigenous students in courses in substance use

This project continued work begun in 2008, by reorganizing materials in response to student feedback and further developing activities for each of the 6 blocks.

eLearning resource centre update and review

This project involved the creation of an open access web resource to showcase strategic eLearning projects and other eLearning innovations in the faculties of Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery and Pharmacy. In this phase of the project we conducted video interviews with 12 academics representing all 5 of the allied health faculties and developed a website according to university branding guidelines. This website is due to go live at the end of 2010.

Science and Technology

Charting the evidence

An existing resource that helps students think through evidence and form an opinion was integrated into the curriculum of some subjects in Psychology.

Interactive and online learning for signals and systems

In this project some simple animations were built to illustrate mathematical concepts in an electrical engineering subject. This has helped students to visualise the processes that are represented by mathematical formulas.

An interactive video repository of practical lab techniques

Students in first year Chemistry took short videos of themselves practicing lab techniques, and a gallery was created so students can watch all the videos and vote for the best demonstration.

Options in teaching biometry online

In this small research project a report on the current material being used for teaching this subject online was provided for the faculty to help with their planning for providing resources for graduate students.

A treasure hunt for first year chemistry

A Treasure Hunt was developed to engage students in their theoretical studies. In teams, students follow clues to identify places on the campus. They mark the places as points on a map of the campus that will eventually form the shape of a molecule that they then have to identify. In this project the clues were made available online, the students uploaded their pictures to a gallery and were able to share their progress.

The Bioethisphere: innovative web-based resource for teaching and learning ethics in health and biosciences

The Bioethisphere was handed over in this project period, along with extensive documentation for populating it with teaching material. It is a complex resource that can now be completed by the addition of learning material to the website by the users.

Language in biology

We built online activities for first-year students to learn the specialised language of the discipline more easily.

Moving beyond Mode A

In this project we worked with the staff of the Agriculture faculty to increase the uptake and complexity of their eLearning sites. We held staff consultations and training sessions, and assisted with website building on request.

Information Architecture: a coordinated approach to eLearning

Until this year there were virtually no Sydney eLearning sites created by the Architecture faculty. Working closely with staff we designed and created eLearning sites for every unit of study taught in the faculty and provided training as required.

Empowering science students to express their own opinions of research papers

In this project we moved the resources of an established Unit of Study into a more interactive online format. This involved a complex system of discussion forums as third-year students studied small sections of published articles to learn the skills of critique and academic debate. Some animations were also built to assist students to understand complex biochemical reactions in the body.

Framework to support learning and teaching of engineering design

In this project we created an online module on the principles of engineering design for use by all teaching staff in the faculty.

Reading the primary literature in Biology

This project completed the final module in a website we have been building over some years to support learning in very large classes in the School of Biological Sciences

The virtual microscopy experience

In this project we advised staff on the integration of a new technology (Zoomify) that enables microscopic images to be digitised and examined both in detail and in situteaching of the Faculty. Improving the student experience in genetics units In this project we created online resources for a fully online postgraduate Unit of Study in Veterinary Science and reorganized the eLearning website.