2010 Projects

Humanities and Social Sciences/Economics and Business

Many of the projects in this round were concerned with developing self-directed learning in students – the ability to research, document, reflect and develop professional skills that will benefit them throughout their careers

Faculty of Law

Case Analysis Tool

A web-based resource was created that guides students’ skill development in analysing legal cases and writing case reports to standard legal conventions. The tool facilitates easy comparison of identical sections of multiple cases and contains multiple-choice questions with formative feedback to test understanding.

Faculty of Education and Social Work

ePortfolios in Field Education

The paper-based 3rd year Field Education in Social Work portfolio assessments were redesigned according to the outcome of a review and needs analysis funded by a 2009 TIES grant. The reworked assessments were developed in the University’s Pebble Pad ePortfolio software and piloted in 2010-11.  A prototype of a tool to allow students to self-assess their competency against the Australian Social Work Practice Standards was also developed.

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Training modules for teachers 2

The online unit of study EDPD5004: Understanding Challenging Behaviours on teaching students with high support needs was developed. Materials are transferable to different student cohorts including undergraduates, postgraduates and short intensives. This unit is the second in the program and continues the project from 2009 that developed the first in the teaching series.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Music Education Program 4

A role-play interview was developed for final year music education students in response to their request for practice. The existing online unit GENS4003 was reworked to encompass the new music education curriculum.

Sydney College of the Arts

SCA Foundation Studies Program Site

A program website was designed for first year Foundation students that provides a centralised information and communication point for students.

Faculty of Arts

Chinese Studies 3rd year sites

The existing third year undergraduate online units were enhanced with learning activities and a customised structure and design.

Learning Centre

Help Yourself – Academic Writing Resource

An online resource that assists students to locate the range of materials and workshops available to assist them with their academic writing problems was developed in the University CMS. Help yourself site can be accessed from the Learning Centre.

Health Sciences

Integrated Dentistry eLearning template

Further development and cross-curricular implementation of a unit of study template for Graduate Entry Dentistry students and further development of discipline resources for Endodontics and Prosthodontics.

Developing distance learning capacity in Bioethics

Develop eLearning components of existing units to support online discussion, case analysis and place of ethics within research.

Interactive case-based iPod touch project: Phase 2

Continue development of mobile learning interface, determine pedagogical framework and provide instructional materials for further use of this approach.

Developing pedagogical scaffolds for ePortfolios

Develop and implement pedagogically informed uses of ePortfolio to enhance reflection and facilitate documentation of experiential learning in several clinically focused nursing degrees.

Rural Gap project

Create support materials for the existing web-based Rural Health resource to enable teachers to incorporate the materials more easily into their existing units of study.


Continue development of the Health Sciences eLearning Resource centre website as well as reviewing and maintaining 2009 projects.

Sciences and Technology

Creation of Support Tools for the Excel Learning Site, The ExSite

This project is to create a support tool for the ExSite, which is a self-learning resource created for students who use Excel. The support tool will include indexing, help files and an online self-test.

Development of a virtual environment for postgraduate student interactions

This is a pilot project for the Blackboard community module. It will develop a suite of resources and provide discussion areas for graduate students who do most of their work far way from the university.

Multimedia Presentation of Molecular Biology Lab Techniques

This project, which is being undertaken jointly with the AV resources unit, will create and contextualise AV resources to give students an insight into both the molecular theory and the practice context of the lab skills they are learning.

Online assessment with feedback for molecular biology

This project will be a pilot of a large class for the new MyeLearning system to be introduced in 2011. We will support the staff to build more tests to add to the successful ones created in previous projects

Instructional Videos for Veterinary Surgery Practical Teaching Laboratories

The faculty has created some videos of surgical procedures that need to be contextualised to give students an understanding of the procedures and skills they will need to develop in their practical classes, and also a resource for revision.

Equine Anatomy on line – rethinking the learning modules

This eLearning website will be broken into learning modules and more interactivity will be added. Multimedia modules for improved teaching of veterinary anatomy. Pilot project: the canine stifle (knee) joint. In this project we will create AV resources from existing videos and other visual resources to improve veterinary students' understanding and application of three-dimensional anatomy and a resource for revision.

Learning resource on equine anaesthesia

This project, which is being undertaken jointly with the AV resources unit, will create and contextualise a video to both prepare students for the experience of anaesthetising a large animal and to provide revision