Enterprise eLearning Projects for 2012


Echo360 is the new lecture capture streaming service that replaces Lectopia. Echo360 offers a number of advantages over the old system, specifically allowing for the viewing of recordings on a variety of mobile devices and tablet computers as well as other tools to improve accessibility.

Student Portal

The student portal project is designed to replace the current student portal that is hosted on software that is no longer supported. The new portal should allow single sign on to students commonly used services such as Blackboard and eMail. The portal will use technologies that will allow the student to customize the look and feel of their portal to best suit their needs.

Mobile eLearning

Blackboard mobile was introduced in time for the start of semester 1 2012. This new function allows student to access the most commonly used LMS features on their mobile device or tablet.

ePortfolio Upgrade

Pebblepad, the university eportfolio system, will be upgraded in 2012 in time for the start of the 2013. The new version includes an improved simplified interface and offers new tools for students and teachers.

Text Matching Software

The university is implementing the text matching software 'Turnitin' to assist staff to identify and locate the source of content used in student's assignments. This system will be integrated into the University LMS (Blackboard).

Education Portfolio

Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL)

Orientation website for new academics at the University of Sydney

Replace print orientation materials with a website that will provide an information hub for academic staff who are new to the University. Design and develop a website which incorporates information that is targeted to individual departments. 

Humanities and Social Sciences/Architecture and the Creative Arts

The common themes in this group of projects are assisting clarity and coherence within programs of study and supporting academics' pedagogical use of new enterprise technologies (e.g. ePortfolios, virtual classrooms). eLearning is being invoked to bind learning experiences into a narrative thread – between students, between assessment tasks, between units.

The projects align closely with the strategic priorities of the University (Strategic Plan 2011– 2015; White Paper 2010). These include research-led teaching, community engaged learning and teaching, engaged enquiry and the support of students from a diversity of social and cultural backgrounds, particularly the participation and engagement of Indigenous Australian students and students from rural and remote areas.

Faculty of Arts

Reading the cinematic image

Develop visual literacy skills for students and involve them in the creation of a dynamic learning and teaching resource that will be augmented each year. Design and develop modules that form the basis of a resource for analysing and understanding the historical evolution of the cinematic image. Develop an accompanying assessment task for students that allows them to create additional modules for the resource using their choice of film excerpts.

Mapping a path for learning and skill acquisition in a degree program

Improve curriculum coherence in language programs by clarifying and representing the way that the blended mode assessment tasks generate learning outcomes and align with, and develop, the University's target graduate attribute skills. Develop a method to map, in a way that is meaningful to both staff and students, the language assessment tasks' relationship to the degree program's learning outcomes, the unit of study's learning outcomes and the development of graduate attributes.

Implementing ePortfolios to support academic writing over a degree program

Enhance academic writing development for undergraduate Arts students by focusing at degree program level.

Design and implement ePortfolio tasks for the foundation units for student writing - WRIT1000, WRIT1001 and WRIT1002 - and put structures in place to encourage students to focus on writing development holistically across their degree program.

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Embedding eLearning into the Education I-IV curriculum

Embed eLearning (including ePortfolios) coherently across the program concurrent with curriculum redesign. Design and develop blended eLearning for the five core units of the Education I-IV program, including student use of ePortfolios.

Masters of Special Education program: combined cohort of on-campus and distance students

Redesign the existing DET-funded Masters program that retrains teachers as Special Education specialists, to support a full-time mixed cohort of on-campus and distance students.

Investigate the ability of virtual classroom software (e.g. Adobe Connect/Bb Collaborate) to facilitate synchronous mixed–mode sessions. Assist academics to replace some face-to-face class time with online student-directed learning activities. Redevelop the existing online unit of study to support distance learning.

Autism Spectrum Disorder - training modules for teachers 3

Create a coherent program of study for learning to teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Develop the third and fourth online units of study in the series for learning to teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder following on from Projects 1 and 2 in 2009 and 2010 which created online units for EDPD6016: Students with High Support Needs and EDPD5004: Understanding Challenging Behaviours. Reuse the case-scenario templates created in the 2008 project Case-studies in Special Education with content specific to this subject.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Chamber Music program site 2

Update the Chamber Music program website (2009 project) as a response to student and staff feedback. Streamline student and tutor processes in the site and refine the information and instructions.

Keyboard studies program site

Improve the existing Keyboard program website as the result of student and staff feedback. Reshape the online discussions and refine the site content and instructions.

Orchestral Studies program site

Improve the existing Orchestral Studies program website (based on the Chamber Music website) as the result of student and staff feedback. Develop grade entry and collation workflow for multiple staff members. Refine the student workflow in the site.


Faculty of Dentistry

Changing the nature of lectures using a personal response system (PRS)

Investigate an appropriate technology that will allow lecturers to poll students in real time and view their responses as a presentation of meaningful data in order to shape lecture direction and content.

Design a Blackboard template for the delivery of the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

Provide project management assistance to develop the template to achieve a pedagogically sound balance between traditional learning and self-learning. This is a new degree for Dentistry.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Learning interface for remote access MRI system

The aim of this project is to design and build an elearning interface within the university LMS which provides a conduit to the remote access MRI system.

Faculty of Medicine

Interactive learning for blood pressure training

The purpose of the project is:
(i) to develop an e-learning module as part of the curriculum for both nursing and medical students. This will enhance existing practical skills training sessions in blood pressure measurement and motivate students into self-directed learning and inquiry;
(ii) the e-learning training module will allow standardized procedures for BP measurement skills training across the two disciplines and recognize the limitations set by the different types of equipment available in clinical practice.

Collaborative eLearning spaces to enhance medical students' engagement in Community Engaged Learning

This project aims to develop an elearning platform using PebblePad and BlackBoard that allows for self-directed student learning, student-led collaboration, and student use of diverse media, as well as conceptualising an interface between PebblePad and BlackBoard platforms for faculty controlled tracking of learning activities and assessment tasks.

Extending the iPod Touch/iPhone case-based scenarios projects.

This proposal requests elearning assistance for an extension of the Pilot 2009 and Phase I 2010 mobile case-based scenario projects. These projects developed three case-based learning scenarios for the iPod Touch and iPhone. The scenarios were initially piloted at the end of 2009 and have been systematically evaluated by medical students throughout 2011. This proposal requests assistance to make use of the knowledge and skills gained from the initial projects to improve and extend the mobile case scenarios in line with the students' recommendations to better meet their learning needs.

Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery & Health Sciences

Videos to enhance learning and teaching perspectives of simulation-based education

This project will use videos of various simulation activities conducted in simulation and health education centres. These will be filmed and produced by audiovisual services. The focus of these videos is to highlight different simulation members (participants, technicians, educators) during the same simulation activity, such that health professional education (HPE) students have a greater perspective of simulation requirements.

Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing & Midwifery & Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy)

Educational design of Patient Self-Management resources

This project will re-design the existing online Patient Safety Management resources to enhance their accessibility to students and staff, both in terms of integration into elearning platforms as well as extending access of the resources to a wider range of health disciplines on offer in this University.

Sciences, Technology and Business

Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Maths and modelling resources for Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Integration of theoretical modelling with real-life situations and mathematical work

Faculty of Engineering

Project Management Program Revitalisation

Revitalisation of resources for PMGT coursework; also examining economic model underpinning Faculty's P/G coursework degrees

Faculty of Science

A unified online prework and registration portal for chemistry laboratories

Building an interface to check that students are prepared for labs in Years 2&3 Chemistry

Embedding video resources into unit of study design

Embedding of an existing video (made as an eLearning project in 2010) as the main pedagogical resource in several units of study

Trial of the use of ePortfolios as Lab books

Trialling the use of eportfolio software for student lab books in one school

Faculty of Veterinary Science

Equine Anatomy in Action

Revitalising UoS resources that are out-of-date and making them available on mobile devices

A Flexible Future

Consulting with faculty staff on redesign of curriculum to include more online resourcing