2013 Projects

Enterprise projects

Student Centric video Storage & Access System

This project will identify and select a product that enables staff and students to upload, search and access non-lecture video material from the Learning Management System (LMS). Specifically the product will allow students the ability to submit video assignments and staff to easily provide video content within the LMS.

Web Video Conferencing and Collaboration

The objective of this project is to provide an easy to use, student centric facility for web conferencing that integrates with the University’s learning management system.

Humanities and Social Sciences/Architecture and the Creative Arts

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

OPAL Observable and progressive alignment of assessment tasks in language degree programs

In 2012, to assist curriculum review and development initiatives in the School of Languages and Culture, summative assessment tasks in the French and Chinese language programs were coded according to type and the language competencies addressed, then analysed according to their learning outcomes, Common European Framework of Reference (or its equivalent) levels and Arts Graduate Attributes. This information was collated and presented graphically both at program and unit of study level.

In 2013: Continue to interrogate the data collected and to refine the graphical representation developed in the project to assist curriculum review. Commence work on a graphical representation to enhance student understanding of their pathway through their language major. Provide a template for integration into online unit of study sites. Support the rollout of this process across the Spanish and Japanese programs.

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Teaching Science in Primary School: developing student capabilities

Create an ongoing student repository of lesson plans for teaching science concepts on the K-6 syllabus in the University’s eCommunity. Facilitate an online community to support students on placement. Scaffold the development of student skills and confidence to research and design science lessons for primary students. .

Language development and literacy learning modules

Develop activities for teacher training that require understanding and analysis of videos of teacher-student learning interactions on the topic of language and literacy development. Sequence and integrate these in selected Education units of study on the University Learning Management System.

Embedding eLearning into the Education I-IV curriculum redesign

Build on the outcomes of the 2012 project, which introduced new students in the Education 1-4 program to the University’s ePortfolio. A template and model responses were designed and developed for the introductory core unit in the program. Students were guided to create reflective vignettes and, from these, to develop a narrative essay synthesizing theory and reflection. Tutor and student support were also provided during the pilot.

In 2013: Develop ePortfolio activities and guided skill development for the remaining core units of the Education I-IV program leading towards the development of a student ePortfolio in the capstone unit. Provide support for the pilot of online redesign elements. Refine and implement the eCommunity and online unit template designed for the program in 2012.

Sydney College of the Arts

On-site, off-site, online: supporting curatorial initiatives in the visual arts

Develop individual and collaborative activities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students that require them to contextualise their studio practice within the totality of contemporary visual arts production and its theoretical paradigms. Scaffold the development of curatorial skills and visual literacy.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

ePortfolios for Internship Program

Implement the use of ePortfolios in the Conservatorium’s Internship Program. Develop a template to assist students and placement supervisors to develop a shared learning contract that documents aims and projected learning outcomes for the placement. Facilitate student development of a reflective journal and presentation of an ePortfolio that documents and synthesises the learning experiences that took place. Provide technical support for the introduction of the University’s ePortfolio software to the students and supervisors.


Integrating student collaborative learning spaces into the blended curriculum

Assist four academics from Arts and Social Sciences, Education and Social Work and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to create activities and re/design their units of study to incorporate the use of the University’s physical collaborative learning spaces. Provide technical and pedagogical support for the pilot with students. Document student interactions in the learning studio spaces and evaluate student and staff responses. Develop examples/models of integrated learning space pedagogy that can be shared with other members of staff wishing to include collaborative activities in the spaces into their teaching. .

Curriculum innovation for the Division of Arts and Social Sciences, Education and Social Work and Sydney Law School.

Collaborate with selected members of the Executive and Faculty eLearning support on projects that fulfill Faculty strategic plans for eLearning, including the online components of postgraduate coursework program development.


Faculty of Health Sciences

Convert distance Masters of Health Science to fully online

Development of a Unit of Study template for all MHlthSc UoS with the focus on engaging and motivating fully online students postgraduate masters by building an online community and creating engaging learning materials.

Faculty of Medicine

Effects of chronic alcohol on the liver (elearning module)

Develop a resource which is engaging, easy to understand and graphical and challenges student understanding of the issue of alcoholic liver damage. It will contain quiz and/or self-evaluation activities for student self-assessment.

Faculty of Medicine & Faculty of Veterinary Science

Med/Vet postgraduate academic literacy modules

Development of a site containing teaching modules to assist academic literacies skills development amongst the target students. These skills are defined for the present project as searching the literature, embedding source materials in written texts in ways which adhere to standards of academic honesty and good academic practice, referencing (including using Endnote) and understanding the Turnitin process and reports.

Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery

Multi-entry site case-based learning platform for the Bachelor of Nursing

Enhance student engagement and feedback in the Bachelor of Nursing through the development of a framework in the University LMS to support NURS1005 bioscience content teaching.

Combined Board of Postgraduate Studies: Sydney Medical School & Sydney Nursing School

eCommunity for HDR students

Creation of a sustainable eCommunity site that acts as an information portal and facilitates communication for research higher degree students.

Sciences, Technology and Business

Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Standards-based assessment in Units of Study

Design of templates for standards-based assessment & integration of these into eLearning sites. Staff training.

Faculty of Engineering

Postgraduate Course Development

Assistance with curriculum and blended design for units in a coursework masters program.

Faculty of Science

Aligning Assessments with the Goals of the University, Faculty and Disciplines in the LMS

Using the new alignment facility in Blackboard to present students with a description of the attributes, skills and outcomes being assessed at the time they take an online assessment.

Engaging Students in the Fundamental Sciences Through Active Online and Face-To-Face Learning

Developing a ‘flip’ style of teaching and learning, with a shift towards delivering learning concepts and skills using multiple representations online before the lecture.

Development of an Early Warning System to Support Students

Using a combination of LMS access data and School-based assessment data to help identify students who are potentially at-risk and deliver personalised interventions.

Using Paraphrasing and Short Writing Tasks to Promote Understanding and Academic Skills in Science

Building on existing resources in the Library and the faculty to improve science writing skills (supported by the Learning Centre).

Food for thought online

Creating an online resource site to improve Australian food knowledge of overseas students.

Faculty of Veterinary Science & Faculty of Medicine

Improving skills and identifying new technologies relevant to moderating of online classrooms

Creating an online resource to improve the teaching skills of tutors and external staff who teach in coursework masters programs (supported by ITL).

Faculty of Veterinary Science

ePortfolios for rural placements

Trialling the use of Pebblepad by students on rural placements to record and reflect on their experience.