Education Portfolio ICT Boards 2013-2014 – Managing the Student Experience


The purpose of the Education Portfolio ICT boards is to provide a structure for the ongoing shared governance of ICT infrastructure supporting the Education Portfolio strategy for the student experience. The student experience is becoming increasingly technologically-mediated. Consequently, oversight and strategic decision-making with an eye on the medium term is required for the development of a sustainable roadmap.


The structure of governance is shown in Figure 1. This structure has been in place for the last two years. The DVC (Education) and the CIO meet quarterly to maintain an overview of the ICT infrastructure supporting the student experience. Monthly boards have occurred for oversight of capital funding for Learning Space projects. The ongoing structure for 2013 has oversight of the ICT capital expenditure in the annual Learning Space Program. This working group will also have oversight of the ongoing integration of the student experience across all Education ICT systems, implementing agreements at the Quarterly Education ICT Board.

Figure 1 - Diagram showing ICT and Education Portfolio Board structures for 2013 - 2014

Figure 1 - ICT and Education Portfolio Board structures for 2013 - 2014