2013-2014 Learning Space Boards

Sydney eLearning and ICT set up boards each year to implement the road map established by the DVC(Education) and the Chief Information Officer. These are reviewed annually for alignment to the white paper strategy of engaged enquiry.

The objectives of the boards are to provide learning space systems and support for the University community that;

  • Enable engaged enquiry from the perspective of students and teaching staff
  • Promote coherence across physical and virtual space and within virtual space
  • enable Faculty and University learning and teaching goals
  • are enterprise level and demand driven
  • are sustainable, scalable and robust

Underpinning the decision-making of the boards are a number of key principles designed to help manage the uncertainty inherent in planning for eLearning systems and support in a context of change;

  • learning space systems are first and foremost about learning, best understood through adopting a student and teacher perspective on the whole learning experience
  • learning space systems at Sydney are part of a more holistic view of a predominately campus-based experience
  • requirements and feedback from students, teachers and faculties need to systematically inform the strategy in order to keep it on track
  • continual adjustment of the learning space systems to the University’s learning and teaching strategy needs to occur on a rolling annual basis.
  • Adjustment to learning space systems should occur in relation to University-wide cost/benefit analyses

Learning space systems at the University of Sydney include;

  • enterprise learning management systems and modules
  • learning technologies in learning spaces (e.g. AV, student computing etc)
  • student portal/ lecturer[teacher] portal
  • ePortfolios, eCommunities
  • Web/Video conferencing and streaming services
  • new enterprise eLearning technologies eg wikis, other social technologies
  • mobile technologies
  • learning and teaching databases where they are integrated and sustainable with enterprise systems
  • other new technologies demanded by faculties on a university-wide basis

The Director of eLearning and Learning Space chairs or co-chairs these boards with the ICT Director of Research and Education Services. The meetings occur on a monthly basis.