The Learning Space Committee will advise SEG (Education) and the DVC (Education) on the coherence, integration and effective use of physical and virtual learning space of the University, and the most appropriate strategies for designing, implementing, managing, and evaluating learning space to achieve educational outcomes. It will assist in the development of learning and teaching space planning across the University, and advise SEG (Education) and the DVC (Education) on matters related to mobile learning and resources.

Frequency of meeting


  • Associate Professor Rob Ellis Director of eLearning and Learning Space (Chair)
  • Gabi Whelan Director of Research and Education Services (Alternate Chair)
  • Associate Professor Peter McCallum Chair, Academic Board
  • Mr Bruce Meikle Chief Information Officer
  • Ms Anne Bell University Librarian
  • Khawaja Almas SUPRA representative
  • Phoebe Drake SRC president
  • Mr Andrew Cooper Director, ICT Strategic Delivery &
  • Jordi Austin Director, Student Support Services
  • Mr David Wiles Projects Division Manager, CIS
  • Mr Simon French Director, Graduate Studies Office
  • Ms Sharon Vaughan Space Manager, CIS
  • Ms Kathleen Donohoe Learning Space Manager
  • Jane Clements Web and Print Production
  • Joanna Cohen Sydney Student Program
One member appointed by each divisional board
  • Mr Guy McEwan Venues Operations Manager, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
    Division of Architecture and Creative Arts
  • Ms Pearl Rozenberg Sub Dean, University of Sydney Business School
    Division of Business
  • Associate Professor Craig Jin Director of Teaching & Learning
    Division of Engineering & Information Technologies
  • Dr Kate O’Loughlin Director of Faculty Units
    Division of Health Sciences
  • Mrs Celeste Black Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Sydney Law School
    Division of Law, Arts, Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
  • Associate Professor Heather McKenzie Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Sydney Nursing School
    Division of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy
  • Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Faculty of Science
    Division of Natural Sciences
eLearning Working Group

The eLearning working group is a working party of the Learning Space Committee. Its members include representatives from faculties and central services.

Terms of reference

The eLearning Working Group will:

  • advise the DVC(Education) on issues related to physical and virtual space across the university
  • promulgate learning space metrics across the university
  • work with the DVC(Education) on planning related to faculty’s physical and virtual learning space needs
  • report on new developments across the university in physical and virtual space
  • provide feedback on the emerging standards for physical and virtual space
  • provide a forum for discussion on issues related to integrated learning space across the university
  • provide feedback on quality and sustainability issues for eLearning that integrates with the face-to-face experiences in blended contexts