Web conferencing and collaboration

Blackboard Collaborate with Ultra experience (Collaborate Ultra) is a web conferencing and collaboration tool that can be scheduled and managed from within the University’s Learning Management System (LMS). The tool enables engagement, discussion, collaboration and interactivity between participants who are not physically co-located.

Uses include:

  • Teaching and/or facilitating learning activities with off-campus participants
  • Conducting webinars
  • Guest lecture presentations
  • Running meetings
  • Providing a virtual office session time for student queries

Users can participate in a Collaborate Ultra session using Internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. No Java or software download and installation is required. We strongly recommend moderators and presenters use the Chrome web browser for best experience as other browsers would require Flash to launch a session.

Web Conferencing interface

The Collaborate Ultra interface consists of the following areas:

Moderator view of Collaborate Ultra interface

Moderator view of Collaborate Ultra interface

The Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing interface consists of the following main areas (Moderator view):

  1. The Tools area, containing My Settings, Share Audio, Share Video, Raise Hand, Chat, Participants, More tools menus, enabling you to personalise and view information about your session as well as participate in conversations by using audio, video, or chat.
  2. The Share Content panel, enabling you to add and share files, share running applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact with your online participants.
  3. The Content area is the main presentation window, which is used to load presentations or to share a virtual whiteboard.
  4. The Annotation tools area contains tools enabling moderators, presenters and participants to annotate content on a whiteboard or presentation.

Want to use Collaborate?

Contact the Sydney eLearning helpdesk to get you set up with the tool. There are also regular workshops advertised on CareerPath to get you started, so please register for an introductory workshop. Support resources can be found at Collaborate Support