Access to the university LMS

Staff can log in to the University Learning Management System (LMS) using their Unikey and password. If you are not enrolled in a uos website, you will not have any websites available. You can chose to self-enrol in eCommunity websites.

All staff can log in to the University LMS, but may have to request access to the appropriate uos websites from the eLearning helpdesk. Uos coordinators with the primary instructor role can enrol other staff members in their uos website.

UniKey information

A UniKey account is issued to all staff members, including honorary positions and contractors, upon commencing employment at the University of Sydney. Your UniKey gives you access to other University of Sydney services, such as HR online and the library databases.

Students are issued with an UniKey upon enrolment at university.

Playground in the LMS

The easiest place to start using the University LMS is in your own 'playground' website, which is usually based on a uos default template. You are automatically given a playground website when you attend a workshop. Your playground website allows you to experiment with the elearning toolset and become familiar with the LMS before modifying your uos website(s). You can add and delete tools, create tests and use the Student view tool – to see how students might interact with the activities you have designed.

Quick tips

  • New users to the LMS are encouraged to start with an A1 mode UoS website (one that offers students supplemental information and has minimal tools) to gain familiarity with online teaching.
  • We offer workshops in the University LMS to all staff. These are tailored to suit all levels of experience with the LMS.
  • Help resources, software downloads and Announcements are available from the Staff tab in the University LMS.
  • All software has quirks and bugs. Our eLearning helpdesk is happy to discuss any issues or questions your may have about using the University LMS