Access to SEAMS

Your UniKey and password should give you access to SEAMS. If you are not able to log in using the link in the right-hand menu, you will need to contact the .

What is SEAMS?

Sydney eLearning Account Management System (SEAMS) is a web-based program that enables you to:

  • request a new website based on a default template or faculty template
  • duplicate a new unit of study (UoS) website from your previous websites
  • add lecturers, teaching assistants/tutors, or any other staff to your UoS website
  • alter the default academic session dates for student access
  • add extra students (PhD students, or non-enrolled participants)

Primary instructor access rights

The primary instructor of an uos website can give access rights to any tutor or staff member by enrolling them into the site with the staff member's UniKey and ticking the 'primary' box when adding them.

Primary instructors have extra privileges. They can:

  1. Submit the A2A for the website
  2. Enrol other staff in the website as instructors or teaching assistants
  3. Promote other staff from one role to another

Adding other staff members to your website

  1. Click on 'Staff enrolment' link in SEAMS.
  2. Enter the UniKey of the staff member. Multiple UniKeys can be entered at the same time with a space between them.
  3. Choose the role - 'Instructor', and tick the box to make them a primary instructor.
  4. Select the 'Update Changes' button.

Note: The 'teaching assistant' role does not have permission to be assigned a primary role. You will need to make your tutors or teaching assistants an 'instructor' to enable them to add extra staff to the site.

Access to an archived uos website

Authority to access currently running or archived uos website must come from the primary instructor of that website.

You can request access to a previously run uos website which you are intending to teach with email permission from the previous academic coordinator if they are available, or from your Head of Department (HoD) or the Faculty Dean.

Email Sydney eLearning helpdesk with the request for access, including the uos code for the website you would like to access. Include a copy of the email permission from the relevant person. It is appropriate to copy past uos coordinators of the website or HOD in the email request.