Assessment tools in the LMS

Assignments and online tests are the two most common assessment tools used in the Learning Management System. Submission of assignments online is convenient for both students and tutors, allowing tutor to mark and return assignment electronically. Records of marks and feedback are recorded in the Grade Centre, and displayed in My Grades for students.

Tests can be run in labs, or released to students at certain specified dates and times. Open book exams can be run through the LMS, and formative assessment can help students monitor their learning throughout the semester.

  • Assignments
  • Group assignments
  • Tests
  • Peer and self assessment

Assignments and group assignments

Assignments allow you to manage the submission and return of graded assignments and feedback for each student separately. In an assignment, you can include a description, score, and file attachments. You can create assignments in several courses areas, such as in a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder.

Students access the assignment, type or upload their submission, and submit before the due date. You have a record of when the assignment was submitted, and a permanent copy of the assignments submitted. You can respond to each student separately.

Tests and Pools

You can create tests and surveys and then deploy them in your UoS website. You can also copy tests and pools (collections of questions) between different websites and across years in the LMS. When you add a test or survey to a content area, it automatically creates a Grade Centre column. Tests can be automatically marked, or created as open-book test to be marked by tutors and/or lecturers.

You can create tests using the following question types:

  • Calculated Formula Questions and Calculated Numeric Questions
  • 'Either/Or' Questions and True or False Questions
  • Essay Questions or Short Answer Questions
  • File Response Questions
  • Fill in Multiple Blanks Questions / Fill in the Blank Questions
  • Hot Spot Questions
  • Jumbled Sentence Questions
  • Matching Questions
  • Multiple Answer Questions/ Multiple Choice Questions *Mobile friendly
  • Opinion Scale and Likert Questions
  • Ordering Questions

Mobile tests

There is a pared back mobile test option. Due to the possibility of mobile connectivity issues, we suggest that assessable tests are not to be attempted by students on a mobile. Mobile test use a parred down list of question types. Students can attempt any test on a mobile if it contains only the following question types:

  • Either/Or Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True or False Questions
  • File Response Questions *student can either submit either a file from Dropbox or a mobile phone photo

The useful links of the right hand side of this page showcase further information about designing tests for students in the LMS, and also a helpful page for students about taking tests online.

Peer and self assessment

We recommend that you contact the Sydney eLearning Helpdesk to discuss using or trialing the tool before using this tool for the first time. Student view is inaccurate for this tool, in order to stop the 'Demo Student' being counted as a 'peer'. You cannot allot student groups to Peer Assessment - it is randomised across all enrolled students in your UoS website.

Note: When sites are copied to a new semester with Peer Assessment tasks, the assessment cannot be edited (dates, criteria etc). The solution is to export the assessment and import back into the site. This allows for editable dates on the assessment.