Groups tool in the LMS

Group management

Groups can now be uploaded from the Import button using a spreadsheet, comma-separated value (CSV) this will make the creation and allocation of students to multiple groups easier. This feature allows for quicker creation of groups for UoS websites with large student cohorts.

Download the quick guide from the link on the right hand side.

Export group list

Group lists can be downloaded for reorganising groups and uploaded again using the import function.

Watch a demonstration video

Smart views automatically created for Groups

Smart views are created automatically in the Grade Centre from the Groups tool. You can also make these smart views appear as quick links in the left-hand menu for your tutors by selecting them as a favourite from the ‘Manage’ menu in the full Grade Centre.

How to make a Smart Group a favourite
Select the 'star' icon to make the 'Smart group' appear in your left-hand side menu under 'Grade Centre'.