Recorded Lectures (Echo360)

In 2014, SEG requested that the opt-in process for lecture recordings be changed to an opt-out process for all lectures delivered in University owned lecture theatre.

By using the opt-out method, lectures delivered in the rooms listed here will be set for automated recording for units of study taught in those rooms in 2015.

Recording is done by the Echo360 software, which is available to all University staff to record lectures in enabled venues. Echo360 records anything projected on the venue’s screen, including the lectern PC, laptop or document camera. When 2 screens are available, Echo records the screen to the left of the lecturer.

The audio and projected image from the lecture are automatically recorded and processed into a variety of streaming and download media formats, and can be automatically uploaded to your LMS website.

When a recording is scheduled, the lecturer speaks near the lectern or lapel microphone and the recording will begin. Recording begins 5 minutes after the booked time.

Lecture recording and streaming services are provided by AV Services within Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Help is available online and from the Sydney eLearning Helpdesk