Recorded Lectures

Echo360 is available to all University staff to record lectures in enabled venues. Echo360 records anything projected on the venue’s screen, including the lectern PC, laptop or document camera. When 2 screens are available, Echo records the screen to the left of the lecturer.

The audio and projected image from the lecture are automatically recorded and processed into a variety of streaming and download media formats, and can be automatically uploaded to your LMS website.

Once the recording is scheduled, the lecturer need only speak near the lectern or lapel microphone and the recording will begin. Recording begins 5 minutes after the booked time.Lecture recording and streaming services are provided by AV Services within Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

You need to complete the Echo360 online booking form each semester. You will need to make a separate booking for each UoS website you are teaching in. If you are uploading videos from a desktop capture program on your computer, you will need to make an UPLOAD ONLY booking.

Linking your recorded lectures to your LMS website

The booking form contains the following options:

  1. Lecture Recording Folder
  2. EchoCentre

You can choose to have both options available to your students.

Once you have made your booking, and recorded your lecture they will appear in your UoS website automatically under the following areas in the left-hand side menu:

  • EchoCentre (all in one lecture recording resource available to ALL your enrolled students).
  • Lecture Recordings (contains a links to an 'Echo links' folder that can be adaptively released to some students, or at a pre-defined time).

The Lecture Recording link is hidden from students by default until you make it available to them.

Reviewing and editing previous bookings

The booking form has three tabs at the top of the page:

  • My Bookings
  • New Booking
  • Venues

You can view and edit your previous bookings under the 'My Bookings' tab and you can view a list of all venues that are enabled for lecture recording under the 'Venues' tab.

Download the Echo360 software

All staff can download a copy of Echo360 desktop capture to record or edit teaching videos. Login into the LMS and click on the 'Lecture Recording' tab. Download the software and install it on your computer. There is a full set of instructions available for download with the software.