Request a New website

Once you have logged in to SEAMS you can request a website. There are three types you can request:

  • Uos website
    A curriculum resource for one or two uos cohorts for a specific academic session. Automatically enrols the uos code into your website.
  • Generic website
    A curriculum resource for three or more uos cohorts or a program cohort, or the website is a curriculum resource and not associated with a particular academic session.
  • eCommunity
    A website to provide resources or support students in contexts not related to specific units of study. eCommunities cannot to be used for assessment.

Request a uos website based on the default template

Unit of study websites are based on a default template provided by Sydney eLearning. This automated process takes 15 minutes to create a uos website in the University LMS.

Screen shot of SEAMS request site page

Screen shot of SEAMS request site page

Uos website copied from your previous uos website

You can request a new website that is a copy of one of your existing websites. This will reduce your website development time, as your new uos website will be a copy of your previous uos , i.e. containing the existing teaching and learning material and tools, but without the previous student data.

To do this, you need to select the website you wish to copy as the template.

  1. Choose 'My current sites' under the template drop-down options. You will see a list of the last two years of sites you have requested and/or coordinated.
  2. Choose the website you wish to copy. Submit the online form as above.

Request a generic site

The process is the same but you need to chose the link for 'generic' website. These sites are not automatically generated. We advise you contact the Sydney eLearning helpdesk to discuss setting up generic sites and we will create a site for you manually.

Request an eCommunity

eCommunity sites are not automatically generated. Please contact the Sydney eLearning helpdesk to discuss the settings for your eCommunity

eCommunity can be based on an existing eCommunity or created using the eCommunity template.

Automatic creation of UOS sites based on UOS codes in 2016

Automatic creation of LMS sites will occur 28 days before the start of the session based on either your default faculty template, or if your faculty does not have a temple, then the default university template.

Automatically created sites will add the Unit of Study coordinator automatically from the Sydney Student (SITS) enrolement system.

You may overwrite your LMS site with any of your previous version of your LMS site up until one week before semester.

Some LMS sites may combine more than one UOS code. Please contact the Sydney eLearning Helpdesk for assistance on x18728 if you wish to combine your UOS codes into one site, or you are not the coordinator of the automatically created site.