Retention Centre

The Retention centre allows you to see quickly how much online participation is occurring across your Unit of Study website and which students are accessing the online website. .

It allows you to set customised rules for activities such as:

  • See when your students have missed due dates for tests and assignments
  • Contact students who have scored above or below a particular mark in a test or assignment
  • Monitor the frequency of student access
  • Monitor your own activity in the Unit of Study website

You can create as many rules as you need. For example, you can create individual grade rules that alert you when students score below a certain point value on each test. You can create a grade rule that alerts you if a student's total grade for your course falls below a certain percentage.

Accessing the Retention Centre

The Retention Centre is easily accessible from the Global navigation (top left-hand side) for each of your UoS websites. It is also accessible under the left-hand side menu >>Control Panel >>'Evaluation' section of your UoS website.

The information in the Retention Center is for instructors only and is not seen by your students. Please note that data for the course activity rule is recorded once a day.

Creating customised rules

On the Retention Centre page, click Customise on the action bar. On the Customize Retention Centre page, select 'Create Rule' on the action bar and select one of the four rule types:

  • Missed Deadline - non-submission of an assignment, test, or survey by the due date triggers an alert based on the due date.
  • Course Activity - based on overall activity within your course. Students who are below a defined level of activity compared to their peers will appear as an 'alert'.
  • Grade - based on a defined score for any grade or calculated column in the Grade Center.
  • Course Access - based on the date users last accessed your course.