Setup your computer

Learning Management System

eLearning at the University of Sydney is managed through a Learning Management System (LMS). We are currently running Blackboard as the University LMS. The LMS runs on a variety of platforms, on Mac, PC and Unix machines. To access the LMS you need to have a computing device with access to a broadband or wireless connection, and a supported Internet browser.

Login with your University of Sydney UniKey to access the LMS. This applies to all students and staff at the University of Sydney.


Sydney eLearning also uses a web-based application called SEAMS to help you create, manage and archive your unit of study (UoS) websites.

SEAMS is a staff only application. Login with your University of Sydney UniKey to access SEAMS. If you are denied access, please contact the eLearning Helpdesk.

Useful Plugins and Java

Some UoS websites may use browser plug-ins to view Adobe Flash or video files, or to playback audio. You will be prompted when you need a plugin.

Browsers will generally automatically download any plug-in required by a particular page. A list of the most common downloads is available on the right hand side menu on this page.

The LMS uses java applets to run many of the featured tools. You will need to run or 'allow' access the first time you upload multiple files or add certain types of functionality to your website.

Tablets and mobile phone access

There is an iPhone/iPad and Android app for phone and tablet access to the LMS. You can monitor your UoS website and post announcements, and respond to student communications through the mobile app. Attachments can be added to your website using Dropbox on either Apple or Android devices.

Download the app on your device and use your UniKey to login.