Text matching (Turnitin)

System requirements

Turnitin is an online cloud-based service and does not need any extra plugins. If you are experiencing issues with Turnitin, it may be due to issues with your computer or browser. Check that the issues are not browser dependent by using a different browser For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Chrome.

How to add a Turnitin Assignment to your LMS site

  1. Go to a content page in your LMS website and click on 'Assessment' button to see the Turnitin Assignment option
  2. Select to add a Turnitin Assignment
  3. Expand the Optimal settings in the created assignment to edit the default settings
  4. Submit to finish the process and add the assignment to your website

How to access your submitted Turnitin Assignments

  1. Go the 'Unit of Study' tools
  2. Select Turnitin Assignments
  3. Select which of the Turnitin assignments you wish to access
  4. Select the link to go to Turnitin, and grade online, or view the originality report
  5. Download the assignment files as a zip file - select 'All' or a subset of assignments
  6. Download the zip in either the original format or PDF

Best practice for entering and releasing grades to students.

  • When using Turnitin you should enter grades by using either Turnitin or Blackboard, not both.
  • When you update a grade in Turnitin it overwrites the previous grade in Blackboard immediately.
  • Updating grades in Blackboard does not update the grade students can see in Turnitin Grademark.
  • Clicking the "Sync Grades" button on the Turnitin Assignments page in the LMS will push the Turnitin grademarks to the LMS.
  • Students can access their Turnitin Grademark grade if the 'Post Date' has been reached in the Turnitin assignment settings.

Tips for using Turnitin

  • Make a grade centre column unavailable by selecting the 'Show/Hide to Users' option for the grade column from the drop down menu at the top of the column. You will see a red diagonal across the circle at the top of your Grade Centre column.
  • NOTE: Hiding the "My Grades" tool does not stop students accessing their grades.
  • Students can access their grades through the Global navigation feature in the top right of their browser.
  • Clicking on the 'Roster Sync' button adds ALL your currently enrolled LMS students to the Turnitin Grademark regardless of whether they have submitted an assignment