Recorded Lectures

Delivery options for releasing the lecture recordings:

  • EchoCentre - built-in streaming interface available to all your enrolled students, and streams your recorded lectures on desktops, tablets and phones.
  • Lecture Recordings folder - contains the 'Echo links' folder that can be adaptively released to some students, and/or released at a pre-defined time or you can make links to individual lecture recordings as below.

You can choose to have one or both options available to your students.

The Lecture Recording link is hidden from students by default until you make it available to them. Please do not change the name of the Lecture Recordings folder.

The EchoCentre is available once the lecture recording has been processed. You will receive an email when the lecture has been published (processed) to your LMS website.

Releasing recorded lectures in an LMS website

Lecture recordings are automatically added to a folder called ‘Lecture Recordings’, found in your LMS left-hand course menu. This link can be hidden from the students.

If you wish to reveal the 'Lecture Recordings' folder to the students hover your mouse pointer over the 'Lecture Recordings link in the menu, click the dropdown arrow and select the option ‘Show Link’.

Screenshot 1: Lecture recording link on menu

Screenshot 1: Lecture recording link on menu

If you wish to control the release of lecture recordings to students can you can leave the folder hidden and make links to the recordings within the folder.

To make a link to a lecture recording from any content area in your unit of study website click the ‘Build Content’ tab, then click ‘Unit of Study Link’.

Screenshot 2: Adding a Unit of Study link

Screenshot 2: Adding a Unit of Study link

From the ‘Create Unit of Study Link’ page click Browse… and find the ‘Lecture Recordings’ folder, select the recording you want to make available to the students.

Screenshot 3: Create a Unit of Study link

Screenshot 3: Create a Unit of Study link

You can change the name of the link which by default with be the date, time and unit of study code.
Click the ‘Submit’ button to place the link.

If you chose this method of release your lecture recordings you will need to do this after every lecture.