Help and support

There is a range of help information available for staff about the LMS and SEAMS, and how to integrating various software services into your LMS website.

Staff use SEAMS to manage the request of new websites, duplication of old websites, and the addition of additional staff and students to their websites.

Your UoS website may contain various elements such as:

  • Assignments using text matching software, e.g: Turnitin
  • Tests with media elements such as images, audio and advanced feedback
  • Recorded lecture streaming booked through Echo360
  • Desktop recordings made with Collaborate

Educational designers are available to help troubleshoot the design and integration of software services into your UoS websites on the helpdesk. They also help with queries about the administrative use of the LMS, SEAMS, Echo360 and other elearning systems we support.

eLearning systems and tools

If you would like to find out more about the diverse suite of elearning systems and tools available at the University of Sydney and how these can be intergrated into your curriculum, please see our Standards for Virtual Learning Space page for more information.

Resources in the LMS

The Staff tab in the University LMS is for announcements about outages and LMS bugs, and software downloads for elearning tools. Email reminders are sent to all staff users of SEAMS prior to new semesters regarding A2A deadlines. Keep up-to-date on the latest updates and tips on using the University LMS in your teaching by joining our staff eCommunity in the LMS.

Help and support for students

You can refer your students to the information in the Student help section for generalised help with the University LMS.

Sydney eLearning help for students answers common student queries about: