Using Notifications in the LMS

You can manage notification settings for all of the UoS websites and eCommunities in which you are enrolled. The notification system is a framework for the delivery of notifications to LMS users. When an event occurs in the system (such as an assignment is created, a survey is submitted, or a test is overdue, the Notification system informs you of what you need (and want) to know using one or more of available notification methods. Enabled notifications are generated automatically when their associated event occurs.


  • See notifications of new discussion board postings or responses to blogs as part of the 'Updates' area in the global navigation area
  • View notifications of upcoming assignment deadlines as part of the 'What's New' module, both on institutional module pages and on course module pages
  • View posts or responses to posts on discussion boards via individual email
  • View all notifications via daily email digest

Users can manage notification preferences by changing their settings.

Notifications Settings

  1. Go the global navigation on the right side of your screen
  2. Choose 'Edit Notifications Settings'.
  3. Edit 'general settings' or 'individual UoS settings'

Changing your settings here affects how often you will receive notifications and what kind of notifications you receive.

Next, view the Edit Notification Settings page.

a Edit General Settings: Defines the general notification settings such as email format, deletion schedule, and reminder schedule for websites.
b Bulk Edit Notification Settings: Select a set of websites to update and change the notification settings for them in one step.
c Edit Individual Unit of Study Settings: Displays the current notification settings for UoS websites in which you are enrolled. Changes to the notification settings for a specific course can be made.
d Edit Individual eCommunity Settings: Displays the current notification settings for eCommunities in which you are enrolled. Changes to the notification settings for a specific eCommunity can be made.

How to edit notification settings

General settings dialogue box

General settings

  1. On the General Settings page, you may choose to receive an individual email for each notification or a daily digest email that contains information on all of the notifications for that day. The daily digest email is sent at midnight every day.
  2. Individual emails: Emails will be sent for each notification. For Early Warning System details, unread Discussion Board messages, unread Blog posts, and unread Journal entries the daily digest selection is necessary.
  3. Daily Digest email: All notifications will be collected and sent in a daily digest. The digest is the default setting, and must be selected in order to receive email notifications for unread Discussion Board messages, unread Blog posts, and unread Journal entries.
  4. Set the number of days until a notification is automatically removed.
  5. You can set Due Date reminders for notifications. Select Yes. This reminder will be emailed to you. Set the number of days before the Due Date to send an email. The email will be sent as a digest email or as individual emails, depending upon the option selected by the user.
  6. Click Submit.

Deciding upon notifications and email notifications

It is possible to decide the notification types and emails to receive for UoS and eCommunity websites. This can be done for all sites depending on your role in the site (e.g. for UoS sites; teaching or taking) under Bulk Edit Notifications Settings. Alternatively, you can set notifications for individual websites under Edit Individual Unit of Study Settings and Edit Individual eCommunity Settings.

Editing notification settings

Making notification decisions

All Notification types, by default, are turned On for the Notifications Dashboard. By default, all email notifications are turned Off.

Current notification settings

Current notification settings for a sample website

Check the checkboxes in the Email column for the notifications that you want to receive. Note that the daily digest is an email notification.

Note that the checkboxes for unread Discussion Board messages, unread Blog posts, and unread Journal entries are selectable, however ONLY daily digest emails will be sent for these notifications. So you must have daily digest set in Edit General Settings to receive the daily digest for these notifications.

Sample of items unselected

Some items can only receive daily digest emails


On the Updates page, accessed through the global navigation menu, users can see all notifications for each course and organization you are enrolled in or teach. You can browse all notifications or filter by course. An update can be dismissed after viewing and you can select the notification types you wish to view in the updates area.