LMS student management

The default uos template comes with a suite of pre-built standardised LMS tools and useful links. Default content areas and helpful basic information are included and a copyright notice has been created. You can choose to hide, reveal or delete most of these pre-set items and you can add or modify the website to suit your teaching needs.

Various tools are available to help you manage your UOS website:

  • Student preview - mimics how a student would see your website. The student preview will not see things hidden from students or adaptively released to certain students using membership criteria
  • Group management - assign students to groups, or randomly enroll the class, or allow students to signup to tutorial groups. This tools allows you to download group lists in excel format
  • Notifications and navigation - covers the global navigation features in the LMS - 'Home', see and reply to your posts across all your UOS sites
  • Retention centre - Use the retention centre to monitor student engagement and activity within your website