Student view in the LMS

Student View is a tool that enables you to switch from the 'instructor' role to the 'student' role. This enables you to view your unit of study website as a student would see it. This means you can check the availability of links, assignments and files. You can also trial sign-up sheets, join groups and submit online tests from the student perspective.

Online activities you complete in Student View are recorded in the Grade Centre under the Demo User identity. The Teacher View button is not visible to students.

To access the Student View:

Click on the 'Go to Student View' button in the top header next to the 'Edit Mode' On/Off button.

You will need to click on Go to Teacher View to return to the editing view.

Select the teacher view to return to editing mode

Select the teacher view to return to editing mode

Note Once you have used the Student View, the Demo User data remains in the Grade Centre. You will need to contact the Sydney eLearning helpdesk if you want the Demo User removed from your website. Alternatively you can clear the Grades for the Demo User in the Grade Centre.

Student view works now works for the Echo Centre as of the beginning of 2014. As part of this recent upgrade data and associated email addresses for student view (demo user) have been reset. Please contact the elearning helpdesk if you would like your demo users' email address changed to your address for testing purposes.

The Student View functionality has been provided through a Building Block developed by Swinburne University of Technology.