Quality assurance

A2A process - Application to Activate

All UoS websites at the University of Sydney are checked for quality assurance before they are made available to students. This check requires the submission of an Application to Activate (A2A) online form.

Submission of the A2A form is confirmation that your UoS website is ready to be checked and made available to students for the academic session. The A2A check ensures that the website contains current information. It focused on current content, navigation and useability. You will need to submit your A2A online to activate your UoS website so students have access to your website.

Only an Instructor with a Primary Instructor Role can submit an A2A. The A2A can only be submitted once.

A2A Requirements

A website is ready for students when it contains as a minimum:

  • A Unit of Study outline document or link to an online version of the uos outline (e.g. a PDF, Word document or a link to the outline on a database such as CUSP or SUMO).
  • Contact details for the coordinator. It can be helpful to include preferred office hours and preferred method of contact.
  • All links to external resources or web links current and working.
  • Copyright notice and links to the eLearning and ICT helpdesks are in 'Notifications' page on your LMS website or on your alternative entry page.

Optional requirements

  • Check that all test availability due dates and assignment submission dates are correct.
  • Turnitin assignments are created as needed (you cannot recycle your previous Turnitin Assignments).
  • Discussion boards have a welcome message for students
  • Post a welcome announcement for the students outlining your online expectations.