Unit of Study Websites

You will need a unit of study (UoS) website if you plan to create online content to support the students enrolled in your unit of study. Usually a UoS website is created for the specific purpose of supporting a single unit of study. Sometimes this is extended to accommodate two related units of study in the one website. The maximum number of different UoS codes in a UoS website should not exceed five.

A UoS website has a lifespan determined by the session in which it is offered. Thus, if you log into SEAMS and nominate to create a UoS type website, you will be asked to select the UoS code, the session and the year in which it is to run. This selection will determine the standard naming of the website and also the default dates for which it will be available.

For example, if the unit of study is BIOL1001 and it is selected for Semester 1, 2014 then it will be created with the following identification: 2014 Semester 1 - BIOL1001 Concepts on Biology. As the primary website instructor you will be notified when the date at which students will lose access is approaching and at the approach of the archive date (i.e. the date after which you will no longer see the website in your list of units of study in the University LMS).

Please note that at any time you can request the eLearning Helpdesk to change these dates.

Key features of a UoS website are:

  • it is linked to a uos code with a maximum of five uos codes permitted
  • it is limited by semester or session dates.

Default UoS template

The default UoS template comes with a suite of pre-built standardised LMS tools and useful links. Default content areas and helpful basic information are included and a copyright notice has been created. You can choose to hide, reveal or delete most of these pre-set items and you can add or modify the website to suit your teaching needs. The copyright notice and contact details for the University's eLearning helpdesk and ICT helpdesk must remain on the website's 'Notifications' page.

Uos mode

The Application to Activate (A2A) form asks you to nominate the mode of your UoS website. We need to know whether the UoS is being offered fully online, with some compulsory online elements, or simply as an adjunct to face-to-face teaching. Modes range from A1 - purely informational to C1 - fully online.

Student enrolment

Student numbers come from the University's enrolment database and show students currently enrolled in your UoS code. This data is updated daily, and student numbers may fluctuate, particularly at the beginning of semester. If a student withdraws from a website they will no longer be able to access the UoS website.

After the census date, students can withdraw from the UoS but any data related to their use of the website will remain. At the beginning of semester it may take up to three days for students changing their enrolment to have access to your website.