Submitting an A2A in SEAMS

To submit an A2A form, log into SEAMS with your UniKey and password. Once in SEAMS, locate the relevant UoS website in your list on the home page and click the A2A link.

Locating the A2A link in SEAMS

If you have problems logging in to SEAMS call Sydney eLearning Helpdesk on +61 2 9351 8728 for assistance. The deadline for an A2A is usually four weeks before the start of a semester, or two weeks before the start of a different type of session. Websites are checked according to the date submitted.

The illustration below explains the interaction required to submit the A2A form.

Annotated image of A2A form


The A2A form will assist you in choosing the correct mode for your website. The form will request answers to a few key questions about the purpose of the site and depending on your answers the mode will be automatically determined.

Mode C sites

A Mode C UoS website is a fully online website for distance or online students. We require a signature from your Head of Department the first time a Mode C website runs online. This is only requested the first time a site runs fully online. This signature is usually faxed or emailed to the helpdesk.

Please phone us on 02 93518728 to request a form.


  • Submission of an A2A is restricted to the primary academic or primary designer in a UoS website.
  • You only have to submit one A2A per site.

Once the A2A check of your UoS website is complete your site is ready for the start of semester and will be available to students on the date you nominated. Your A2A status will change to 'Active' under the heading A2A Status in SEAMS.