Your University LMS website will be archived 6 weeks after the end of the academic session.

All University LMS websites are archived to maintain the integrity of student information such as assignments, discussion postings, and student activity. LMS websites are stored for several years as required by the Academic Board.

Archive process

You will receive an archive email notification previous to the archive date to advise you when the archiving process will occur. Your website will automatically be archived on the date indicated in the email. You do not need to respond to the email if you would like the website to be archived.

You can respond to that email to request an extension to your website or extended student access. You can do this at any time during the semester or session. Your archived websites are listed in SEAMS. Click on 'Archived websites' link to see what has been archived.

Un-archiving your website

Archived websites can be restored on a temporary basis, either with or without student access. You can retrieve an archived website at any time if you wish to access any materials or student information that is contained in the site.

You can view your list of archived websites in SEAMS by choosing 'Archived websites', and to check the Access Start and Access End dates for your website.

Primary instructors in the website can now unarchive their own archived websites using SEAMS for a week at a time. They can also extended student access for the website using the SEAMS 'enrollment settings'. Please contact the eLearning Helpdesk if you would like your site to be unarchived for a longer period.