Generic websites

A generic website is a website that supports more than one unit of study. It may be created to:

  • support students on professional placement (across semesters)
  • provide program-wide information for a degree cohort
  • provide resources for teaching staff

A generic website has a more flexible time frame than a UoS website and may run over a full year. A generic website usually includes more than one UoS code or degree code or may have manually enrolled participants (as in the case of a website for staff members or a limited subset of students on placement). Examples of a full year generic websites include Bachelor of Horticultural Science or Beginners Modern Hebrew. Both of these contain multiple UoS codes over both semesters in the year.

Key features of a generic website are usually:

  • Multiple UoS codes or multiple degree codes are enrolled
  • Manually enrolled subset of students who are involved in clinical placements
  • Access start and end dates are flexibly determined (up to 18 months)
  • Participants can be students or staff