Planning your eLearning

Unit of study (UoS) websites require regular maintenance. The amount of maintenance involved depends on the complexity of your site. The benefit of recycling or copying your previous UoS website is that some types of online resources can be modified or reused in successive sessions.

Interactive activities that can be remade each session include:

  • Assignment submissions (you can reuse previous assignments by resetting the dates)
  • Turnitin assignments
  • Discussion boards
  • Announcements
  • Blogs

Initial maintenance

Initial maintenance you might have to consider for your UoS websites:

  • Updating your UoS outline, and adding it to your UoS website
  • Booking Echo360 recorded lectures - completion of the booking form creates an Echo Centre link that is available to all students and/or a folder in your website that can be adaptively release at a set date or to a selection of students.
  • Releasing tests - these due dates can be set before or at the start of the session.
  • Releasing assignments - set the due dates in advance of the start of the session.

Regular maintenance

Examples of regular maintenance you might have to consider for your UoS websites:

  • Moderating discussions. Enabling subscriptions to your discussion board allows for quick response to discussions, both from you and your students.
  • Adding new content - lectures notes, tutorial material, audio files, weblinks.
  • Grading assignment submissions, either online or by download.
  • Grading short answer/paragraph questions through the 'Needs Marking' in the Grade Centre.
  • Monitoring student activity in the website using the Performance dashboard or Retention Centre


Information in UoS websites can be recycled across semesters, reducing your set-up workload for the semester. Any archived site for the last 5 years can be accessed to retrieve materials. We suggest you use the content management system in the LMS (knows as 'my content' to store files that you need on an ongoing basis for edit each year.