elearning software for the LMS

You can download the following software to use with your learning and teaching from the Staff Resources tab in the University LMS.

Echo360 desktop capture

Desktop capture software allows you to upload from your computer to the EchoSystem portal for streaming recorded lectures. The EchoSystem is also installed in enabled venues at the University of Sydney. You can record your lectures and have them automatically published to your uos website.


Kaltura enables you and your students to upload and manage media directly into a uos LMS website. Kaltura supports virtually any file format, including videos, images and audio.

Kaltura delivers multi-media content to any device, anywhere, anytime.Full support for online media across your devices, including mobile devices, browsers and operating systems.

Respondus Quiz software

Compatible software that enables you to design online tests, quizzes and surveys and upload them to one or more of your University LMS websites. Maths equation functionality and answer keys are features of this software. Download from the Staff resources tab in the University LMS.
Software is suited to PC only. Mac users can run the software using Parallels or Bootcamp.

Bb Drive

Blackboard Drive is a desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you desktop access to your uos websites' Content Collection or a shared institutional folder by mapping it as a shared network drive.

Blackboard Drive uses the WebDAV protocol for communication with your files in the content management system (CMS). Blackboard Drive provides better reliability, a more consistent experience, and improved user efficiency when using WebDav. Please download Bb drive from the 'software' tab in the LMS.