Text matching (Turnitin)

Turnitin is a comprehensive cloud-based solution integrated into the Learning Management System (LMS) to help facilitate your marking and feedback through:

  • Electronic submission of student assignments
  • Online grading
  • Checks for originality in student work
  • Easy integration into your LMS website

Turnitin checks submitted assignments for originality against other students' assignments, against current and archived Internet content, and against the content of major professional journals, periodicals and business publications, and can create an originality report for submitted assignments. Student access to originality reports is an optional feature based on your settings for each assignment.

Turnitin also assists instructors in providing richer feedback on student work through:

  • Quickly dragging standard or custom marks and comments directly on the student's work.
  • Writing a broader, in-depth comment to give students overall feedback about their work.
  • Provision of personalised audio feedback

All LMS instructors can add the Turnitin assignment tool to their UoS websites. Once added, you can add Turnitin assignments to your LMS website from the Assessment tab.

Customised Turnitin workshops are available to faculties on request.

System requirements

Turnitin is an online cloud-based service and does not need any extra plugins. If you are experiencing issues with Turnitin, it may be due to issues with your computer or browser. Often the issues are resolved by simply using a different internet browser. For example, if you normally use Internet Explorer, then try using Firefox.

You can check that your computer meets the minimum system requirements

More information is available in the LMS under the 'Turnitin tab' on the 'My Units of Study' page.