Welcome to Sydney eLearning for students

Student sitting on a bench in park with laptop

Wireless access on campus

Sydney eLearning’s key role, as part of the Education portfolio, is to support your learning with technology. We do this by sustaining virtual learning spaces and their design – spaces such as your online Unit of Study websites and mobile learning

One of our priorities is to integrate virtual and face-to-face learning experiences. Sydney eLearning works with Campus Infrastructure Services and ICT to continuously refit formal teaching spaces, and also informal collaborative spaces for students, such as the Fisher Library, Carslaw, Brennan MacCallum, PNR and Cumberland learning hubs.

The range of learning spaces and tools are provided to promote a spirit of engaged enquiry in your learning and support the University’s strengths in research-led teaching. They offer you an opportunity to collaborate and engage with other students, and allow you flexibility in managing your study.

To support your use of online learning we provide a specialist eLearning Helpdesk for staff and students.