What do I need to study online?

You need regular access to a computer with a wireless or broadband internet connection. You can access the University Learning Management System (LMS) from any web enabled device. Log in from a computer access lab or learning hub on campus, or from home. Access the LMS on mobile devices using the Blackboard Mobile app.


You will need to know your UniKey and password issued by ICT. Use the LMS link on the right or the link in MyUni to access your unit of study (uos) websites.

My units of study in the LMS

When you log in to the LMS you will see your uos websites under the heading 'My Units of Study'. Important information such as outages and changes to the LMS will appear above the 'My Units of Study'.

Your eCommunities will appear below the 'My units of Study'.

Tips on using the LMS

  • Log out and close the browser window once you have finished using the LMS or MyUni especially on a public or shared computer. Close the browser windows before leaving
  • Never save your password on a shared computer or in your browser.
  • Always use a TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (PC) to write any lengthy discussion postings or assignment submissions. Your session times out after 45 mins of non-activity. Typing into the same box or field in a discussion thread is considered non-activity by the computer if you are not actively saving drafts.
  • Do not cut and paste from Microsoft Word into the LMS when making discussion postings or editing a wiki. Cut and paste from TextEdit (Mac) or NotePad (PC) instead.