What are Unit of Study websites?

Unit of study (uos) websites

Many of your units of study (uos) will be supported by a website. These uos websites are created in the University Learning Management System, referred to as the LMS.

You will only have access to the websites for uos in which you are enrolled. These are not necessarily available for every unit of study. It is the uos coordinator's choice whether or not to use a uos website to support their teaching. If you are unclear if your uos has a LMS website, ask your uos coordinator or lecturer during your introductory lecture.

To access your enrolled websites you will need to log in to the University LMS via My Uni. Remember to always logout or close the browser when you finish your session online.

eCommunity sites

If you take part in activities other than those related strictly to one unit of study, you may enrol or be enrolled in an online 'eCommunity'. eCommunity sites provide a space for extra-curricular activity such as clubs and societies or for extensions to your course work. eCommunity lists appear like units of study when you log into the University LMS. Look for the eCommunity tab at the top of the screen.