How to submit an assignment

Instructions on how to submit assignments or written assessment work online for both types of assignment submission tools in the Learning Management System (LMS):

Assignment submission help

File Names and Types

Special characters should never be used in filesnames, so avoid using the characters # / ? < > \ : * | & ^ and " in your assignment filename. Avoid spaces in your filenames. Use underscores instead.
e.g: assignment_name_3.docx

If you use a Mac and the file does not have a three-letter extension, tick the show extension box when saving your file. For example, add '.docx' on the end of Word documents, '.pdf' on the end of PDF documents, and '.xlsx' on the end of Excel files.

In total file sizes should not exceed 60Mb. If you are submitting multiple files please upload a zip folder with the files inside.

Turntin file types

Turnitin currently accepts the following file types for upload into an assignment:

  • Corel WordPerfect┬«
  • HTML
  • Adobe PostScript┬«
  • Plain text (TXT)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX, and PPS)
  • Hangul (HWP)

Most common image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG, PICT) will display in your file as long as your lecturer has enabled 'Accept all file types'. PDF documents must contain text to be submitted. Files containing only images will not be submitted

NOTE: The file size may not exceed 20MB. Text only files may not exceed 2 MB.

Trouble Uploading?

If you have trouble uploading your assignment submission, here are a couple of things to try:

  • Log out, log in and try again. Sometimes the server gets overloaded or the Java can crash on your local machine. Restarting your browser or computer, restarts the Java.
  • Are you using a supported browser? Try using another browser - like Firefox or Chrome.
  • If you already completed the assignment and clicked 'Submit' previously, you may not be able to resubmit it a second time. If there is only one submission allowed for each assignment, you will need to contact your lecturer or the eLearning Helpdesk to 'enable' a second submission.
  • Uploaded more than one submission? Your latest submission is automatically set up to show as the most recent. NOTE: Turnitin assignments are automatically set to overwrite each submission with the next one *Multiple submissions is optional, and set by your lecturer.

Use a text editor for drafting your text submissions

It's always a good idea to draft your discussion messages and assignment submissions into a 'rich text file' (.rtf) using a text editor like NotePad or Wordpad or TextEdit before cutting and pasting into the submission field.

This ensures:

  • you won't lose any of your work if the browser crashes in the middle of your message or submission
  • you will always have a backup copy of your work
  • the LMS (Blackboard) will not time-out on your submission