Broken links, files or images

Some times a link in a UoS website may fail to open the webpage, PDF or document. You may receive one of the following messages:

Page not found - 404 errors

  1. Google the link name to find the website independently.
  2. Contact your lecturer to notify them of the problem, and ask for the correct link/file.
  3. Contact the eLearning Helpdesk and choose the 'Broken link' option. Remember to explain where the link is in the UoS website. We will contact your lecturer and repair the link. Once the link is fixed, we will email you to let you know.

Link fails to open

Some links may fail to open at all. This generally means that they are set to open in the same window, and your browser is refusing to open them due to the Blackboard running as a 'secure session' or 'https' session.

You can:

  • Try right-clicking with your mouse, and choosing the 'Open in a new tab/window' option
  • Manually cut and paste the link into the address bar
  • Notify your lecturer or the eLearning helpdesk and we will make the link open in a new window or tab

Red 'Resource not found' error on page

Sometimes a link will show a 'Contact your system administrator' message in a red bar. Contact the eLearning Helpdesk immediately and let us know the UoS code or website name and where the error occurred.

Images not showing in tests

If you cannot see an image or a file in an online test, please contact us immediately via the ICT helpdesk or the online form. We will take steps to fix the error as soon as possible. Make a note of which question and what browser you were using.


Check the list of plugins needed to use the university LMS and ensure your plugins are up-to-date.

Check your plugins to see if they are up-to-date. Update if necessary.