Extra websites in the LMS

Some faculties or departments have created specialised websites for students within a faculty or for those enrolled in a particular degree. Such sites may be designed to help you with specific skills, e.g: Laboratory OH&S or Post-graduate discussion boards and will be open to students enrolled in particular UoS codes, degrees or faculties. These websites are part of your enrolment. If you believe you have been added in error, please contact us via the online form.

Session dates

Check the Session dates for start of Semester and Winter/Summer school sessions. Provided the UoS coordinator has requested a site on time, your unit of study websites should appear in your unit of study list on the first day of session.

Business School Blackboard

Units of study in the Business School are offered via a different LMS - Blackboard 9. For inquiries about School of Business websites, contact or login here.