Missing Uos websites?

When you log in to the university LMS, you should see a list of links to your unit of study website(s). If your Unit of Study (UoS) website is not appearing in the list, the following may apply:

UoS has no complementary UoS website

Not every unit of study at Sydney University has an associated website, and not every website is available to students from the first day of semester. You may need to ask (or email) your lecturer or unit coordinator to confirm whether your UoS has a website. If a website is planned, also ask when that website will be released to students.

You have changed your enrolment details

If you have recently changed your enrolment details with Student Services, either online or in person, there will be a lag of up to 3 days at the beginning of semester as your details are processed from student services to the eLearning databases.

Has the semester or session started?

Most Unit of Study websites start on the first day of semester or session. You can check the official session dates by using the link on the right-hand side of the page. Some lecturers may request that their UoS website starts earlier or later than the beginning of the session or semester. Please clarify with your lecturer that they have requested an UoS website for the your UoS.

Session dates

Check the Session dates for start of Semester and Winter or Summer school sessions. Provided the UoS coordinator has requested a site, your unit of study websites should appear in your unit of study list on the first day of session.