Where is the content in my UoS website

It is possible to hide the left-hand menu from view by collapsing the menu sideways and upwards. This allows you to have moe screen space on a smaller screen.

To reopen your menu hover over the left hand side of the screen until the icon appears with a directional arrow facing right. Click and the menu will expand.

Vertical menu in collapsed state

The vertical left menu can be collapsed or expanded

Scenario 1:
Do you see something similar to the screenshot?
If you see only one page of content and no left menu then you have probably minimised the menu. Hover on the left hand side of your screen.

Click to reveal your menu!

Scenario 2:
Do you see your left menu but with no menu items visible?

It is possible to both hide the menu completely and/or to shrink the menu vertically. You can click the downwards arrow to show the menu fully.