Lecture recordings

Recorded lecturers at the university are streamed through the Echo player. You can only access recorded lectures and/or download the recorded lectures, if your university lecturer has chosen to make these options available. Not all UoS websites will have streamed recorded lectures.

Your browser may have a Flash blocker, and/or Ad-blocking settings, or even a browser extension which is stopping software from opening pop-up windows. If you have one or more of these blockers, you may not be able to open links or videos that pop-up in new windows.

You can add the URL: http://view.streaming.sydney.edu.au:8080 to your trusted sites list your browser's 'site preferences'.

Using the EchoCentre in the Chrome browser

Due to a default browser setting in Chrome that blocks content from 3rd party applications (like Echo360), some students have reported receiving a blank white screen when using the Google Chrome browser to view the Echo Centre. If your Echo Centre or recorded lectures are not displaying in Chrome you can use the following workarounds:

  • In Chrome right-click on the shield icon located on the right of the URL (in the address bar) and choose 'Load unsafe script'.
  • Alternatively you can use another browser, such as IE or Firefox or Safari.

Errors messages in the Echo360 player

Some users experience errors could not connect to the server when they attempt to stream Lecture recordings from their unit of study site.

The could not connect to the server error is usually caused by one of the following two reasons:

  • Insufficient network speed
  • Network restrictions


Your computer or device may be unable to secure an internet connection to the lecture streaming server which is fast enough. Limited bandwidth may be preventing access to lecture streaming.

Suggested solutions

  1. If available, select the option to ‘Download lecture video is available’. Download the video to your computer or device and view it locally.
  2. Restart your computer and try accessing this recording through another web browser (such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer).
  3. 'Choose your EchoPlayer Settings' window appears, select 'Dial In” instead of 'Broadband' under Configuration before clicking on Launch EchoPlayer. This option video quality is a lower quality feed and requires less bandwidth (data).

Network restrictions:

Often where internet access is offered in places such as libraries, internet cafés, other Universities, colleges, hospitals or corporate offices; there may be firewall restrictions in place to prevent access to certain websites or services. This can also prevent connections to the Echo server and the error will appear.

If you choose to take this up with your local IT support, they may ask for the network port information for the services that you are trying to access. You may direct them to Firewall requirement or email for further information.

Wireless or broadband bandwidth

If you are using a wireless Internet connection such as a pre-paid broadband package, ensure that you have full bars of reception and have closed any other software applications that can affect sending and receiving data across your Internet connection.

If you share a broadband connection with a household, check that the other users are not downloading large volumes of files at the same time. This could affect your ability to watch or download your lecturers. As a test you can shutdown all other computers in your household to see if this resolves your issue.

Alternatively try accessing your lectures on another computer. If the same issue does not occur on other computers in the same location then you may need to look at the specs /speed of your computer.